Visualizing Temporality: Modelling Time from the Textual Record

Visualizing Temporality: Modelling Time from the Textual Record Tuesday 25 March 2014, 6.30, Queen Mary University ArtsTwo Lecture Theatre, ArtsTwo Building, Mile End Campus What does time look like? We are all familiar with the standard timeline that measures out events with neat tick-marks, like the divisions on a ruler. Yet whilst very few of us reallyContinue reading “Visualizing Temporality: Modelling Time from the Textual Record”

Medieval Reading Group, Reading Group, Queen Mary University

Reading Group, 12 – 3:00 pm, Friday 14 March at Queen Mary, when we will look at the introduction and fifth chapter in Cynthia Robinson’s Imagining the Passion in a Multiconfessional Castile: the Virgin, Christ, Devotions, and Images in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth centuries (University Park, Pa., 2013). This may be useful for anyone interested in fourteenth and fifteenth-century Spanish art andContinue reading “Medieval Reading Group, Reading Group, Queen Mary University”