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Tuesdays, 2 PM, KRC Lecture Room 3 St John St, Oxford OX1 2LG




25 April:ʿAlā fuwīr Tuṭīla. Bilingual contracts and written culture during the Christian conquest of al-Andalus

Mr Rodrigo García-Velasco Bernal • University of Cambridge

• 2 May:The origins of royal funerary architecture in al-Maghrib al-Aqṣā

Mr Péter Tamás Nagy • Khalili Research Centre

• 9 May:The written culture in Medieval and Early Modern Islamic Spain

Dr Nuria Martínez de Castilla • Paris, EPHE

• 16 May:Light and Lighting in al-Andalus

Dr Tom Nickson • London, Courtauld Institute

• 23 May:Writing a New History of Western Islamic Architecture

Professor Jonathan Bloom • Boston College

• 30 May:Life beyond the medina of Cordoba: districts (rabad) and cemeteries (maqābir)

Dr María Teresa Casal García • Madrid, CSIC

3:30 PM:Glassmaking in Umayyad and post-Umayyad al-Andalus

Dr Chloe Duckworth • Newcastle University

• 6 June:New (graphic) documents for the study of Almoravid

and Almohad architecture

Professor Antonio Almagro Gorbea • Granada, CSIC

• 13 June:Berbers and Borderlands: state formation and urbanisation in early medieval Morocco

Dr Corisande Fenwick • University College London

3:30 PM:‘How were the traces of their edifices erased?’ Archaeological / ethno-historical survey of Jerba, Tunisia

Professor Renata Holod • University of Pennsylvania


Seminars TT

Workshop and Symposium: Minorities in the Mediterranean (7 & 8 March, San Francisco)

The Mediterranean Seminar/University of California Multi-Campus Research Project and the departments of Comparative and World Literature, History, Jewish Studies, and the Spanish Program of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at San Francisco State University invite participants to a two-day, two-part event on Medieval and Early Modern Minorities in the Mediterranean, to be held on 7 & 8 March 2014at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA. Participants from the broadest range of relevant disciplines are welcome and encouraged to register.

Mediterranean Minorities – Symposium
Friday, 7 March, 10am—5:30pm
Humanities Bldg, Rm 587
A one-day symposium consisting of three round table discussions:
1)  Opportunity
2)  Assimilation and Exchange
3) Vulnerability
Fred Astren (Jewish Studies, San Francisco State)
Jeremy Brown (Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University)
Brian Catlos (Religious Studies, CU Boulder/ Humanities, University of California, Santa Cruz)
Tom Dandelet (History, University of California at Berkeley)
John Dagenais (Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA)
Federica Francesconi (Jewish Studies, University of Oregon)
Paolo Girardelli (History, Boğaziçi University)
Mike Hammer (Spanish, San Francisco State)
Joshua Holo (Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion)
Slobodan Dan Paich (Artship Foundation, San Francisco CA)
Jonathan Ray (Jewish Studies, Georgetown University)
Jarbel Rodriguez (History, San Francisco State)
Stefan Stantchev (History, Arizona State University)
David Wacks (Romance Languages, University of Oregon)
Valerie Wilhite (Romance Languages, University of Oregon)
Megan Williams (History, San Francisco State)

Mediterranean Minorities – Workshop
Saturday, 8 March, 9:30am—5:15pm
Humanities Bldg, Rm 587
A workshop consisting of three pre-circulated papers and a talk by our featured scholar:
• “Do Mediterranean Studies Speak to Latin American Colonial Studies? A Suspected German Lutheran Conquers A Suspected “Morisco”in the Canaries Before Taking On the New World”
Giovanna Montenegro (Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis);
• “Alexandria ad Aegyptum”
Dan Selden (Literature, University of Californi,a Santa Cruz)
• Being Different in the Medieval Middle East? The Poet’s Story”
Jocelyn Sharlet (Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis)

Featured scholar:
Stephen Humphreys (History, University of California Santa Barbara):
“Adapting to the Infidel: the Christian Communities of Syria in the Early Islamic Period”

Full program for conference and workshop available soon at http://mediterraneanseminar.ihr.ucsc.edu/overview/.

All interested graduate students and scholars are welcome. Both events are free but pre-registration is required; attendance is limited so please register soon. UC-and SFSU-affiliated scholars may register immediately, non-UC scholars on or after February 7. Lunch will be provided on both days for attendees who register prior to February 26.

To register for the workshop and/or conference and receive the workshop papers, please contact Courtney Mahaney (cmahaney@ucsc.edu) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. UC-affiliated faculty and graduate students will be eligible for up to $350 for travel expenses; non-UC participants may apply but support will granted as available (contingent on availability and attendance at both events).

The Mediterranean Seminar is an interdisciplinary scholarly forum, the aim of which is to promote collaborative research and the development of the field of Mediterranean Studies. The UC Mediterranean Studies Multi-Campus Research Project is funded by the UC Office of the President and is administered by the Institute for Humanities Research at the University of California, Santa Cruz.