International Bridges Group in Prague (Symposium Review, 2016)

This year, the delegates of the International Bridge Group assembled in Prague for their annual symposium. Held over three days, the delegates enjoyed tours of medieval monuments, a day of papers at Vila Lanna, and a day trip to study medieval bridges outside of Prague. The event was a spectacular introduction to medieval Bohemia andContinue reading “International Bridges Group in Prague (Symposium Review, 2016)”

Conference: International Bridges Group in Prague (8-10 July 2016)

After the success of the first meeting of the International Bridges Group in Westminster Palace [Ed. note: enthusiastically reviewed by Medieval Art Research here], the International Bridges Group will meet in Prague for our second symposium. The Charles Bridge in Prague, with its spectacular gate tower, makes the city an excellent choice, and will beContinue reading “Conference: International Bridges Group in Prague (8-10 July 2016)”