Call for Papers: ‘The History and Historiography of Fashion(s)’, Perspective: Actualité en histoire de l’art (Deadline 16th May 2022)

Two complementary definitions of fashion emerge and these underlie the two approaches that this issue of Perspective seeks to develop: the first aims to determine formal changes in dress and variations in the laws of appearances, while the second conceives of a single, cyclical renewal of taste that inspires customs and thus goes far beyond items of clothing and their accessories.

Call for Papers: ‘Material Religion Through the Sacred Interior’, 76th Annual International Conference, Society of Architectural Historians, 12th-16th April 2023 (Deadline 7th June 2022)

The Society of Architectural Historians is now accepting abstracts for its 76th Annual International Conference in Montréal, Canada, April 12–16, 2023 and virtually September 20–22, 2023.

Call for Submissions: Authenticity Studies, International Journal of Archaeology and Art (Deadline 15th July 2022)

Authenticity Studies-International Journal of Archaeology and Art is an international and independent journal, based on a peer review system and dedicated to the study of the methods of attribution and authentication of archaeological and art-historical artifacts.

Call for Papers: ‘Working from Home: Labour and Worship in the Domestic Sphere’, University of Edinburgh, 25th June 2022 (Deadline 29th April 2022)

This conference seeks to explore texts, events, and ideas that exist between and beyond traditional boundaries, and to further our understanding of a complex Late Antique and Medieval period that cannot be easily categorised and contained.

Call for Papers: ‘Monumental Medievalism, Public Monuments, and the (Mis)Use of the Medieval Past’, 5th-6th October 2022 (Deadline 1st July 2022)

What use then, or advantage, might the study of the Middle Ages hold in evaluating these modern political struggles? This workshop will address precisely this question.

Call for Papers: ‘Encounters and Exchanges in a Global Past’, University of Oxford TGHS, 25th June 2022 (Deadline 1st May 2022)

The Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar is inviting submissions for a postgraduate conference, Saturday 25 June, 2022. The conference will be held in person by the Oxford History Faculty.

Call for Session Proposals: Mary Jaharis Center Sponsored Panel, 48th Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, 3rd-6th November 2022 (Deadline 22 April 2022)

The Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture seeks proposals for a Mary Jaharis Center sponsored session at the 48th Annual Byzantine Studies Conference to be held at the University of California, Los Angeles, November 3–6, 2022.

Call for Papers: ‘The Invention of Greek Origins in the Textual and Visual Cultures of Pre-Modern Europe (1100-1600)’, University of Lille, 15th-16th June 2023 (Deadline 1st June 2022)

The ERC AGRELITA invites papers on the topic of “The Invention of Greek origins in the textual and visual cultures of pre-modern Europe (1100-1600)” for its workshops to be held on 15th and 16th June 2023.