Call for Papers: ‘Digital Methods in Preservation of Medieval Cultural Heritage: New Approaches and Technologies’, ICMS Kalamazoo, 9-14 May 2022 (Deadline 15 September 2021)

This session aims to present various methods in digital recording and presentation of medieval visual culture that has been recently developed and implemented, as well as to highlight the importance of digitization in certain groups of monuments or objects particularly vulnerable at the present moment.

Call for Papers: ‘Decentering the Self: Liminality and Marginality in Self-Presentation’, International Congress on Medieval Studies, deadline 15 September 2021

Speakers are encouraged to address de-centered subjects, either patrons or iconographies, and ask how the arena of self-presentation can aid our understanding of what liminal and marginal meant to medieval patrons and viewers. 

Call for Participants: Studying East of Byzantium VIII: Material Culture (Deadline 13 September 2021)

The three-part workshop intends to bring together doctoral students studying the Christian East to reflect on how to study the material world of the Christian East, to share methodologies, and to discuss their research with workshop respondents

Call for Papers: ‘Medicine in Early Modern Italy: Between Theory and Practice, 1500-1700’, Palazzo Alberti, 19 November 2021 (Deadline 16 September 2021)

The conference organizers (John Henderson, Sheila Barker and Rose Byfleet) invite proposals for 25-minute unpublished papers in English or Italian that address the tensions and interplay of practice and theory in medicine, with reference to a wide range of early modern actors and contexts.

Call for Papers: ‘Identity Abroad in Central and Late Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean’, University of Cambridge 7-8 January 2022 (Deadline 12 September 2021)

By bringing together a variety of different perspectives, the conference not only aims to consider how ‘identity abroad’ functioned in specific contexts, but also to emphasise developments, patterns, and divergences.

Call for Papers: ‘New Research on Medieval Parish Church Art & Architecture I & II’, ICMS Kalamazoo, 9-14 May 2022, (Deadline 15 September 2021)

These sessions seek to explore this extensive corpus of material from a range of temporal, regional, disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological perspectives. Especially welcome are contributions that reflect on how evolving research on the art and architecture of the parish church broadens, deepens, and transforms our understanding of medieval society.

Call for Papers: The Dynamics of Media and Technology: From the Middle Ages to the Modern Classroom (Deadline 1 September 2021)

We encourage submissions that are concerned with issues of technological and material manipulation, as well as mnemonic devices, perception, tech methodology, and pedagogy.

Call for Papers: Reusing Medieval Sculpture: Ideology, Meaning, and Aesthetics of a Process over Time, ICMS Kalamazoo (9-14 May 2022) (Deadline 15 September 2021)

Papers will focus on episodes that allow to recover the “long life” of medieval sculptures over the centuries, in contexts similar or, on the contrary, completely different to the original ones and related phenomena of re-working and re-functionalization.

Call for Papers: ‘Restoring Medieval Art and Architecture I, II, III: Technology in Documentation and Research; Technology and Concepts of Authenticity; Technology and Access’, ICMS Kalamazoo (Deadline 15 September 2021)

“Restoring Medieval Art and Architecture I, II, III: Technology in Documentation and Research; Technology and Concepts of Authenticity; Technology and Access” (AVISTA sessions at ICMS Kalamazoo, 9th-14th May 2022)