Job Opportunity: Tutors, History of Art 1 (prehonours), University of Edinburgh (Deadline: 8 August 2022)

The History of Art department at the University of Edinburgh is hiring Tutors its prehonours courses. Applications are invited for a Guaranteed Hours (GH) contract as Tutor for the following courses:

  • History of Art 1A Art and Belief in Europe, 500 to 1700 (HIAR08025)
  • History of Art 1B Art at the Crossroads of World Cultures, 500 to 1700 (HIAR08026)
  • History of Art 2A Reason, Romance, Revolution: Art from 1700 to 1900 (HIAR08027)
  • History of Art 2B From Modernism and the Avant-Gardes to Postmodernism and Globalisation (HIAR08028)

We are looking for applications from individuals experienced in researching history of art at PG level, in relevant fields to fill tutoring positions in Semesters 1 and/or 2 in 2022–23. Applicants should be familiar with the history and historiography of art history and committed to sharing it through passionate teaching. Some experience in teaching is desirable but training and support will be provided as part of the role. Successful candidates will, preferably, be enrolled on a PhD, within their prescribed period of study and/or have a proven record of teaching undergraduate students in the context of a university degree course.

History of Art 1A and 2A are taught in semester 1, while History of Art 1B and 2B are taught in semester 2. Ideally, we would like candidates who are available to teach in both semesters. Candidates who are able to teach on one course only and who can demonstrate the required expertise will be considered.

There is a guaranteed minimum of 9 hours per group to be offered in Semester 1 of the academic year 2022–23. While the minimum detailed here indicates contact hours only, payment will be made for all required hours worked including contact hours, preparation, marking, induction and training.

This is a fixed term appointment, from August 2022 until June 2023. More information about the posting can be found here. Click here for a full description of the job posting.

Edinburgh College of Art is committed to equal and fair treatment of all its employees and in recognition of the positive promotion of diversity and gender equality among staff and students, Athena SWAN granted the Edinburgh College of Art a Bronze Award in 2017.


Published by Blair Apgar

Blair (they/them) recently completed their PhD in History of Art at the University of York with Hanna Vorholt and Amanda Lillie. Their thesis focused on the role of Matilda of Canossa in the sociopolitical development of the Investiture Controversy, and its relationship to Matilda’s material patronage. As an early career researcher, their work aims to unpack the historiographic construction of powerful medieval women’s legacies. They are also interested in the representation of the Middle Ages in modern media.

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