Conference: ‘From Global to Local: Conques as a Crossroads (9th–13th c.)’, In person and online, Hunter College, CUNY, 11-12 July 2022

This conference explores the expanded cultural context of medieval Conques through the work of internationally renowned scholars.

This conference explores the expanded cultural context that made Conques a major crossroads of premodern Europe. As one of the fundamental stops on the road to Compostela, Conques flourished during the 11th and 12th centuries and has maintained an important role for the region and for European culture ever since. Primarily, this conference attempts to frame the “Conques phenomenon” within a broad cultural horizon, with a focus on the constitutive elements that can be observed in Conques itself. The conference is financed by the MSCA-RISE Horizon 2020 project scheme of the European Union, Conques in the Global World.

Tickets are available for both in-person attendance and webinar format.

We would love to see you in person!

From Global to Local: Conques as a Crossroads (9th–13th c.) Schedule:

Conference, Hunter College (1527 North Building): 11th-12th July, 2022.

11th July


10.00 → Ivan Foletti, Cynthia Hahn, Kristen N. Racaniello, Cécile Voyer

Session I. Chair: Ivan Foletti

10.20 AM → Kirk Ambrose (University of Colorado), The Tautological Inscriptions of the Conques Tympanum

11.00 AM → Kristen N. Racaniello (Graduate Center, City University of New York), The “Iron Man”: Islamic Materiality and Arabic Inscriptions in the Shrine of Sainte-Foy

Lunch break

Session II. Chair: Cécile Voyer

2.00 PM → Éric Sparhubert (University of Limoges, National Centre for Scientific Research CESCM-Poitiers), Sainte-Foy of Conques and Beyond: Making the Holy Body Visible and Promotional Strategies in Romanesque Architecture

2.40 PM → Martin F. Lešák (Masaryk University, Brno), Landscape, Liturgy, and Sainte-Foy: Rituals in and Around Medieval Conques

Coffee break

3.40 PM → Sabina Rosenbergová (Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte): Conques’ Monastic Landscape: From Geological Reality to Hagiographic Imagination

4.20 PM → Michele Luigi Vescovi (University of Lincoln), Conques: Monastic Network, Artistic Practices

Reception on the Terrace, open to all conference attendants

12th July

Conques and Its Networks

Session III. Chair: Cynthia Hahn

10.00 AM → Vincent Debiais (Centre for Historical Research, EHESS/CNRS, Paris), Portals as Epigraphic Pages. Describing the Path of Light in Conques and Beyond

10.40 AM → Zuzana Frantová (Masaryk University, Brno), The Virgin of Beaulieu: The Engagement of Silver and Vermeil in the Liturgical Drama

11.20 AM → Bissera V. Pentcheva (Stanford University), Audiovision: Image and Chant at Sainte

Foy in Conques

Lunch break

Session IV. Chair: Herbert Kessler

2.00 PM → Lei Huang (HiCSA, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Memory Between Tradition and Modernity: Odolric’s Historicism and Bégon’s Promotion of Image in Romanesque Conques

2.40 PM → Adrien Palladino (Masaryk University, Brno), The Myth of Byzantium on the Way to Conques

Coffee break

3.40 PM → Janet T. Marquardt (Eastern Illinois University), Rouergue Roman: Zodiaque’s Conques

For more information, or to register, click here.


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