New Open Access Publication: ‘Shrines in a Fluid Space: The Shaping of New Holy Sites in the Ionian Islands, the Peloponnese and Crete under Venetian Rule (14th-16th Centuries)’, by Argyri Dermitzaki, Mediterranean Art Histories, volume 6. Brill, 2021.

In Shrines in a Fluid Space: The Shaping of New Holy Sites in the Ionian Islands, the Peloponnese and Crete under Venetian Rule (14th-16th Centuries), Argyri Dermitzaki reconstructs the devotional experiences within the Greek realm of the Venetian Stato da Mar of Western European pilgrims sailing to Jerusalem.

The author traces the evolution of the various forms of cultic sites and the perception of them as nodes of a wider network of the pilgrims’ ‘holy topography’. She scrutinises travelogues in conjunction with archaeological, visual and historical evidence and offers a study of the cultic phenomena and sites invested with exceptional meaning at the main ports of call of the pilgrims’ galleys in the Ionian Sea, the Peloponnese and Crete.

Argyri Dermitzaki, Phd (2019), University of Fribourg, Switzerland, is an archaeologist in Athens, Greece. Her research interests focus on cultural interactions in Latin-ruled Greece, the pilgrims’ devotional experiences and their role in the shaping of the area’s ‘holy topography’.

For more information, to download the free PDF, or to order a hardback copy of the book, click here.

Published by Dr Julia Faiers

Julia Faiers has recently been awarded her PhD from the University of St Andrews. She wrote her thesis on the art patronage of Louis d’Amboise, bishop of Albi from 1474 to 1503, under the supervision of Professor Kathryn Rudy. Julia gained a First Class Honours degree in art history at the University of St Andrews (1995). She took a year off to learn German in Berlin, and then won a British Academy Award to study for her MA in German Expressionism at The Courtauld under the supervision of Dr Shulamith Behr (1997). Julia spent almost twenty years working as a journalist before returning to academia in 2016.

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