Virtual Exhibition: Les Enluminures at Frieze Viewing Room – October 9 – 16, 2020

Les Enluminures have collaborated with Frieze to create a virtual showcase of selected medieval and early modern manuscripts and jewellery.

Their public statement is detailed below:

Les Enluminures is delighted to participate in Frieze Viewing Room, which opens to the general public at 12pm BST this Friday October 9. Our Viewing Room will showcase a curated selection of illuminated manuscripts, leaves and historic jewelry. 

Frieze Viewing Room is a new mobile app and web-based platform, giving collectors the opportunity to explore and acquire art from the world’s leading galleries. This edition showcases galleries selected to participate in Frieze London & Frieze Masters 2020.

In addition, we are thrilled thatSir Norman Rosenthal (Independent Curator), has selected one of our artworks for a special display called Forever within the Frieze Masters section of Frieze Viewing Room. This specially curated group of thirty-six artworks will explore the premise that great art is forever, selecting works that have stood – and in the curator’s mind will stand- the test of time.’

To register, please follow this link:


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