Online Lecture: Crossroads: Power and Piety at The Met

Online Lecture - Crossroads: Power and Piety in the Middle Ages

Insider Insights is a new online lecture series produced by The Metropolitan Museum of Art that features recent exhibitions, singular artworks, and new scholarship in the field of art history. Crossroads is a new installation at The Met that rethinks how a museum displays artworks in its collection, and in this lecture curators in the department of Medieval Art and the Cloisters discuss themes of power and piety and take a closer look at artworks that challenge our traditional notions of the Middle Ages.

From The Met’s website:

The Met presents a network of crossroads, among places, eras, and cultures. At three prominent locations within the Museum—”crossroads” where major paths intersect—new installations examine the idea of cultural interconnectedness. Drawn from diverse areas of the collection, Crossroads tells thought-provoking stories about shared ideas and artistic forms from around the world, presenting the global history of humankind as a narrative of intersections and exchange.

Click here to watch the online lecture on The Met’s website.

Above image: African Magus, one of the Three Kings from an Adoration Group, before 1489, made in Swabia, Germany, maple, paint and gilt, 61 1/2 × 17 × 13 1/4 in., 65 lb. (156.2 × 43.2 × 33.7 cm, 29.5 kg), The Cloisters Collection, 1952 (52.83.2)

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Amelia Roché Hyde holds an MA from The Courtauld Institute of Art, where she studied cross-cultural artistic traditions of medieval Spain, taking an in-depth look at the context and role of Spanish ivories within sacred spaces. Her favorite medieval art objects are ones that are meant to be handled and touched, and she has researched ivories, textiles, and illuminated manuscripts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The British Museum. Amelia is the Research Assistant at The Met Cloisters.

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