Virtual Church Crawls

Missing your regular fix of church crawls? We’ve assembled a list of 3D virtual tours and models of UK cathedrals for you to enjoy. Their quality varies hugely, but they’re a handy substitute for the real thing, even as places start to open up. Maybe those cathedral Twitter accounts can get competitive again, as they did a few years ago?

Let us know if you have further suggestions, or would like to create something similar for other countries (for Spain you can look at the ARTES website). British Art Studies also have some helpful reflections by medievalists on the use of digital models and reconstructions.

Mapping Gothic (now with English sites):

Bristol cathedral:

Canterbury cathedral:

Chester cathedral:

Exeter cathedral:

Gloucester cathedral:

Hereford cathedral:

Lichfield cathedral:

Lincoln cathedral crazy vaults:

Norwich cathedral cloisters:

Rochester cathedral:

Salisbury cathedral and west front: and

Southwark cathedral:

Westminster Abbey: and

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