Conference: Encounters East/West: Byzantium – Ottoman Empire (Munich, 29 Jun 18)

Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, München, June 29, 2018

Workshop Encounters East/West: Byzantium – Ottoman Empire


13.00 Chair: Franz A. Bauer, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
Ivan Valchev, Universität Sofia: Roman Religious Artifacts After Antiquity (Examples from modern Bulgaria)

Georgi Sengalevich, Universität Sofia: Signs and Symbols of the Elite on Luxury Objects of the Late Byzantine World

Ella Beaucamp, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München: From Romania to Rialto and Back. Venetian Objects in Byzantine Collections (13th/14th c.)

14.30 Coffeebreak

15.00 Chair: Andrea Lermer, München
Mariya Kiprovska, Universität Sofia: Conspicuous Display: Visual Representation and  Political Legitimacy in the Early Modern Ottoman Realm

Emine Küçükbay, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg: Hilye-i Şerīf: A verbal portrait of the Prophet Muhammad from the 17th century Ottoman Empire and conceivable adaptation features of Byzantine art

Maximilian Hartmuth, Universität Wien: Consolidating Rule, Fine-tuning Its Instruments: Monumental Architectural Projects in the Ottoman Balkans Between the Conquests of Thessaloniki (1430) and Bosnia (1463)

16.30 Coffeebreak

17.00  Chair: Maria Baramova, Universität Sofia
Annette Kranen, Freie Universität Berlin: History and Territory. Drawings from a French Reconnaissance Mission to the Ottoman Coasts, 1685-1687

Kirila Atanasova, Universität Sofia: The “Forbidden” Luxury and the “Desired” Piety: Coffee and Royal Female Architectural Patronage in Istanbul’s 17th-century neighborhood of Eminönü

Robert Born, Universität Leipzig: Minarets and Fountains. Reflections on the Reception of Ottoman Architectural Forms in Eastern and Western Europe


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