New Publication: Special Issue of Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies on ‘Women’s Creativity’



New Publication:
Special Issue of Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies (vol. 6, no.  1, 2014)

Julie A. Harris (ed)
Women’s Creativity and the Three Faiths of Iberia / Reassessing the Roles of Women as ‘Makers’ of Medieval Art and Architecture



Julie A. Harris
Finding a place for women’s creativity in medieval Iberia and modern scholarship

Glaire Anderson
Sign of the Cross: contexts for the Ivory Cross of San Millán de la Cogolla

Sarah Ifft Decker
Conversion, marriage, and creative manipulation of law in thirteenth-century responsa literature

Jeffrey A. Bowman
Countesses in court: elite women, creativity, and power in northern Iberia, 900–1200

Anna Rich Abad
Able and available: Jewish women in medieval Barcelona and their economic activities

Sharon Koren
The symbol of Rebekah in the Zohar

Noelia Silva Santa-Cruz
Ivory gifts for women in caliphal Córdoba: marriage, maternity and sensuality

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