Upcoming Event: The Healing Arts across the Mediterranean (Rutgers University, 28 March)

The Healing Arts Across The Mediterranean: Communities, Knowledge And Practices, a conference sponsored by SAS, the Program in Medieval Studies, the Program in Early Modern Studies, the Center for Cultural Analysis, the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, the Department of History at Rutgers-Newark, and the Medical Humanities Working Group at CCA and RWJMS with take place on: Friday March 28, 2014, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. at 
The Teleconference Lecture Hall – Alexander Library, 169 College Avenue New Brunswick, NJ

The Healing Arts Across the Mediterranean examines theories and practices of healing in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. An emphasis will be placed on tracing the continuities and evolution in knowledge to specific sites, texts and material artifacts. The event is free and open to all.

9:00 Coffee And Welcome
9:30-11:30 Knowledge
• Chair: Monica H. Green, Arizona State University
• Medicine And The Political Body: A Metaphor At The Crossroads Of Four Civilizations, Glen Cooper, Brigham Young University
• Medical And Religious Discussions Of Generation In The Islamic World, 1200–1500, Nahyan Fancy, Depauw University
• Healing Bodies: The Conceptualization Of Medicine In Ottoman Alchemical Texts, 1500-1800, Tuna Artun, Rutgers-New Brunswick
1:00-2:45 Practices
Chair: Nahyan Fancy, Depauw University
• Medical And Spiritual Healing In Medieval Miracle Stories, Jennifer Edwards, Manhattan College
• Erecting Sex: Hermaphrodites And The Science Of Medieval Surgery, Leah Devun, Rutgers-New Brunswick
• Healing Verses In The Imperial Minds, Ozgen Felek , Middle East & Middle East American Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY
3:00-4:45 Communities
• Chair: Tuna Artun, Rutgers-New Brunswick
• Medical Practice In The Ottoman Provinces: The View From The Venetian Fondaco, Valentina Pugliano, University Of Cambridge
• Healing The Community: State, Medicine, And Contesting Voices In Early Modern Ottoman Empire, Nükhet Varlik, Rutgers-Newark
•  Psychology As A Form Of Healing In The 18Th-Century Ottoman Empire, Yaron Ayalon, Ball State University
5:00-6:00 Exhibition
“Unheard-Of Curiosities”: An Exhibition Of Rare Books On The Occult And Esoteric Sciences, Erika Gorder, Rutgers University Libraries


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