Online Lecture: Dr Robert Mills’ LGBT History Month Lecture: ‘Recognising Wilgefortis’, Manchester Met, 24 February 2021, 17:30 – 19:00 (GMT)

The point of departure for Dr Robert Mills’ talk is a painting by Hieronymus Bosch depicting a crucified saint whose identity, including their gender identity, has sparked controversy.

Online Lecture: ‘The Great Church which is called Sophia’, with Alessandro Taddei, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman & Modern Greek Studies University of Birmingham, 28 January 2021, 17:15 – 18:30 (GMT)

Join Alessandro Taddei (La Sapienza) for their talk on ‘The Great Church which is called Sophia’: The History and archaeology of the episcopal church of Constantinople before Justinian.

Online Lecture: ‘The stronghold of shields: Two 12th-century kite shields discovered in Poland’ with Keith Dowen, 4 February 2021 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT)

Although the kite shield was a key part of the early medieval warrior’s equipment, only two examples of the type survive. Keith Dowen, Royal Armouries’ Assistant Curator of Arms and Armour, will examine their design and construction as well as the circumstances of their discovery.

Online Lecture: East of Byzantium Lecture: ‘Back to Byzantium: Translation, Legitimacy, and Worlding on the Byzantine Frontier’ with Sergio La Porta, 2 February 2021 3:00pm (EST)

Sergio La Porta (California State University, Fresno) discusses the translation of the martyrology of St. Step‘anos Ulnec‘i and its place in the larger Mediterranean world.

Online Lecture: Dr Zsuzsanna Gulácsi, ‘Sideways-Oriented Images of Manichaean and Armenian Liturgical Books’, East of Byzantium Lecture, 29 January 2021, 3pm (EST)

Join the East of Byzantium Lecture series for Dr Zsuzsanna Gulácsi’s presentation on ‘Sideways-Oriented Images of Manichaean and Armenian Liturgical Books’.

Online Lecture: Dr Tom Nickson, ‘(Im)material Devotions: Light and lighting devices in devotional practice’, Warburg Institute, 9 February 2021, 17:30 – 19:00 (GMT)

As part of the Warburg Institute’s ‘A Material World: Devotion’ lectures, Dr Tom Nickson (Courtauld Institute) will examine the role of candles, lamps and natural light in shaping devotional spaces and experiences.

Online Lecture: ‘Living legends: the art of adventure in English manuscripts c. 1240-1340’ with Amy Jeffs, BAA Lecture, 3 February 2021, 5:00 PM (GMT)

The British Archaeological Association’s February Lecture will be by Dr Amy Jeffs who will be presenting ‘Living legends: the art of adventure in English manuscripts c. 1240-1340’.

Online Lecture: ‘Capturing expertise: Romanesque sculpture between Spain and France’, with Rose Walker, Murray Research Seminar at Birkbeck, 23 February 2021, 16:50-18:30 (GMT)

This paper will pursue the concept of artistic expertise as a commodity in the first half of the twelfth century in northern Iberia and southern France. Consequently it will also cast doubt on the idea of the unfettered itinerant craftsman.

Online Lecture: ‘On the Trail of the Lonesome Nun: Giusto de’ Menabuoi’s London Triptych’, with Laura Jacobus, Murray Research Seminar at Birkbeck, 26 January 2021, 16:50-18:30 (GMT)

Laura Jacobus is a retired Senior Lecturer at Birkbeck, and organizer of the Murray Seminars on Medieval and Renaissance Art .

Online Lecture: ‘The Nativity Church in Bethlehem in the Light of Recent Restorations’ with Dr Michele Bacci, 8 January 2021, 12pm (EST)

Join Yale for their up-coming Lectures in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture series.