Secret Spaces: Medieval Sacristies, Vestries, Treasure Rooms and their Contents

The aim of the conference is to introduce the subject of ecclesiastical treasure houses to both the academic world and the wider public. Treasure houses take the form of small buildings attached as annexes to the cathedrals and churches which they served. Their function as store houses of the priceless ecclesiastical treasure belonging to theContinue reading “Secret Spaces: Medieval Sacristies, Vestries, Treasure Rooms and their Contents”

Resources: Images of English Cathedrals before 1850

I have been recently working on sedilia in cathedrals and as an art historian, I enjoy little more than a game of spot-the-difference. Here are some resources I have found very useful for a glimpse of that state of our greatest medieval buildings before the Gilbert Scott-led frenzy of restoration mania. They are available copyright-freeContinue reading “Resources: Images of English Cathedrals before 1850”