Podcast Episodes: Les Enluminures, Sacred Measurements (Episode 33) and Feasts (Episode 34)

Episode 33 – Sacred Measurements
Medieval measurement developed as a bodily reference tool, often relying on an object’s relationship to the human body to determine its size, scale or weight. Today, measurement may seem like a natural part of our lives, but have you ever wondered how a unit of space or volume was developed? What made medieval measurement so different from the way we conceive of measurement today? And what made measurement sacred to medieval people?

Listen to Episode 33

Episode 34 – Feasts
Winter is a time for holiday celebrations, family, and food. As the winter fast approaches in this last November episode we consider feasts and feasting. This was an important topic for medieval people that was frequently the subject of manuscript illumination. What is the origin of the term “feast,” and who could host a feast? What makes ‘feast days’ so important to understanding medieval life? And why did Jesus turn water into wine? Find out today, on the Les Enluminures podcast.

Listen to Episode 34


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