Conference: Fourteenth International Conference of Iconographic Studies – Iconography and Hagiography: Visualising Holiness, 15-16 October 2020

Center for Iconographic Studies – University of Rijeka, Société des Bollandistes and Hagiotheca Croatian Hagiography Society are organising the Fourteenth International Conference of Iconographic Studies – Iconography and Hagiography: Visualizing Holiness on 15th and 16th October 2020.
The range of literary sources that concern the saints has been immensely wide over the long period of time and has presented central feature of the Christian literary and visual culture. This conference seeks to explore the ways and mechanisms of the translation of these sources in visual language in Eastern and Western Christianity. Scholars will present proposals on different topics on the relation between hagiography and iconography such as: martyr acts and lives, hagiographical romances, and edifying tales represented in visual arts in East and West; individualization vs. generalization in hagiography and iconography; question and role of gender in visualizing sanctity; saintly bodies in visual arts – relics, spectacles, perfomances, and religious devotion; new research instruments for hagiographical texts and images; popular iconography in the age of the printing press; saints and the new media (movies, comic books etc.). Academic papers will approach these subjects from interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse angles.

Please see the programme of events via the link below:

It will take place online on the ZOOM Pro platform. The participation is open to wider audience. The program and all the relevant info please find at:

The Zoom conference rooms can be accessed via the links below:

Thursday, 15 October:

Friday, 16 October:

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