Online Seminar: History of Liturgy Seminar Cycle – The Manuscript Remains of the Abbess-Saints of Barking Abbey by Katie Bugyis, 5 October 18:30

Tonights online lecture marks the first of the History of Liturgy seminar cycle hosted by the Institute of Historical Research. The cycle has been organised by Helen Gittos (Oxford), Sarah Hamilton (Exeter), John Harper (Bangor), Eyal Poleg (Queen Mary), Teresa Webber (Cambridge) and Henry Parkes (Nottingham). This terms events will be hosted via Zoom. Booking is essential.

To book your place to attend this lecture via zoom, follow the booking links on the link below:

Katie Bugyis is a historian of Christian theology, liturgical practice, and material culture, who is particularly interested in reconstructing the lived experiences of religious women in the Middle Ages through their documents of practice and other material remains. Her book, The Care of Nuns: Benedictine Women’s Ministries in England during the Central Middle Ages (Oxford University Press, 2019), recovers the liturgical practices of Benedictine nuns in England from 900 to 1225 primarily through detailed analyses of the books their communities produced and used.

Please contact for more information about this event.

For information about further events in this lecture cycle, please see the image below.

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