New Publication: ‘Category Crossings: Bruno Latour and Medieval Modes of Existence’, Romanic Review

Duke University Press is please to announce that the latest issue of Romanic Review, “Category Crossings: Bruno Latour and Medieval Modes of Existence,” is free to read online for the next three months (beginning May 6, 2020). Published by Columbia University, Romanic Review is a journal devoted to the study of Romance literatures that has been in publication since 1910.

To read the issue, please visit the website of Duke University Press. For convenience, we have provided the table of contents here:

Category Crossings: Bruno Latour and Medieval Modes of Existence
Editors, Marilynn Desmond and Noah D. Guynn
1. Marilynn Desmond and Noah D. Guynn
“We Have Always Been Medieval: Bruno Latour and Double Click, Metaphysics and Modernity”
2. Miranda Griffin
“On the Trail of the Sibyl’s Mountain: Antoine de la Sale’s Le Paradis de la Reine Sibylle”
3. Jane Gilbert
“Form and/as Mode of Existence”
4. Catherine Keen
“Extracomunitario? Networks and Brunetto Latini”
5. Mary Franklin-Brown
“Fugitive Figures: On the Modes of Existence of Medieval Automata”
6. Marilynn Desmond
“‘Go Little Book’: The Matter of Troy and the Ecology of the Medieval Codex”
7. Luke Sunderland
“Visualizing Elemental Ontology in the Livre des propriétés des choses”
8. Emma Campbell
“Sound and Vision: Bruno Latour and the Languages of Philippe de Thaon’s Bestiaire”
9. Anke Bernau
“Bruno Latour and the Loving Assumptions of [REL]”
10. Noah D. Guynn
“Binocular Vision: Enchantment and Disenchantment, Metaphysics and Phenomenology on the Late Medieval Stage”
11. Graham Harman
“Response from a Quasi-Latourian”

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