CFP: Visualizing Women in the Apocrypha


Call for Papers for Special Session at the

International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS 2019)

May 9 to 12, 2019

Western Michigan University

The proposed session is devoted to the construction and visualization of women as reflected in apocryphal sources with the aim of bringing into attention this generally neglected topic/sources which seem to be underrepresented. The existent literature, in the general field of apocrypha, indicates that there is space for debate on issues connected to gender in these sources.

Research in this field concentrates mostly on the textual tradition and transmission of apocryphal texts, yet aspects concerning the construction and function of women and gender still need to be addressed. Hence, we seek to examine issues related to the status, function, and identity of women who may be models and/or background figures in fields pertaining, but not limited to: theology, religious studies, textual studies, manuscript studies, art history in a transdisciplinary perspective.

Original work and research is welcomed starting from the Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages, both in the East and West. The sessions refer to the concept of ‘apocrypha/on’ as movable texts whose composition does not end in the fourth – fifth centuries in the context of the establishment and closing of the canon. This permits to address issues concerning the evolution, transmission, adoptation, and adaptation of sources.

This session also aims to bring the intellectual outcome of these sessions into the attention of the general public by publishing the proceedings of the debates in the series “Picturing Women in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity” at Trivent Publishing, Budapest, Hungary.

Please submit a 250-word proposal for a 15-20 minute paper  presentation by September 15th, 2018.


Contact information:

Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy (

Teodora C. Artimon, Trivent Publishing, Budapest, Hungary (


Published by thegrailquest

Anastasija Ropa holds a doctoral degree from Bangor University (North Wales), for a study in medieval and modern Arthurian literature. She has published a number of articles on medieval and modern Arthurian literature, focusing on its historical and artistic aspects. She is currently employed as guest lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Anastasija’s most recent research explores medieval equestrianism in English and French literary art and literature, and she is also engaged as part-time volunteer horse-trainer. In a nutshell: Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education Graduate of the School of English, University of Wales, Bangor. Graduate of the University of Latvia Passionate about history, particularly the Middle Ages A horse-lover and horse-owner

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