SAH/Mellon Author Awards, Deadline 1 June 2017

akdims1o_400x400SAH/Mellon Author Awards
Deadline: Jun 1, 2017

These awards are designed to provide financial relief to scholars who
are publishing their first monograph on the history of the built
environment, and who are responsible for paying for rights and
permissions for images or for commissioning maps, charts or line
drawings in their publications. The publication of a monograph
continues to be the most valued demonstration of scholarly competence
for career advancement and recognition in the humanities.
Unfortunately, many authors today must provide both a fully realized
text and the financial resources for its image program. The cost for
image rights and licensing, especially for digital publications, can be
prohibitively expensive. Through this grant, SAH will provide awards to
scholars to help defray the high costs of image licensing,
reproduction, and creation of original drawings and maps for monographs
on the history of the built environment. This grant is intended as a
seed grant to assist authors to pay for these costs and to secure other
applicable grants. See website for award criteria and applications

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