Illuminating Becket?

Canterbury chasse, Met Museum NYOn 7 June 2016 a group of Becket scholars and enthusiasts met for a one day workshop, ‘Illuminating Becket’ at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, which ended with a fascinating public lecture by Rachel Koopmans (York University, Toronto) on the relationships between narratives in the ‘miracle’ windows in Canterbury cathedral’s east end and the structure of contemporary miracle collections. The workshop and lecture are one of a series of events planned in the lead up to 2020, the 800th anniversary of Becket’s translation to a new shrine in Canterbury cathedral (details of an earlier handling session at the British Museum are available here). During the workshop discussants were asked briefly to present one ‘eloquent‘ object, text or space that raised key issues for understanding Becket’s life and cult, and one ‘unexpected‘ object, text or space. You can see their proposals by clicking the links, and new proposals for other ‘eloquent’ or ‘unexpected’ objects, texts or spaces are warmly invited (if you’d like to send an image, just send as an attachment, with a full caption, to!


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