Leeds 2015 Art History session: Grisaille, Shades of Meaning in Late Medieval Manuscripts

proxySession: 1702

Grisaille: Shades of Meaning in Late Medieval Manuscripts

Thursday 9 July 2015: 14.15-15.45


Sophia Rochmes (Department of History of Art & Architecture, University of California, Santa Barbara) and Anna Russakoff (American University of Paris)


Anna Russakoff, American University of Paris

Grisaille, or imagery in monochrome tones of grey, proliferated in late-medieval Northern Europe. This session explores grisaille, with a particular focus on its appearance in manuscripts, in an effort to better understand this enigmatic artistic phenomenon. The papers will present a series of case studies, and will consider issues of technique, iconography, artistic identity and collaboration, relationships between artistic media, patronage, and reception.

Paper 1702-a

Disappearance of Colors in 14th-Century Manuscripts: The Personifications in Question (Language: English)

Bertrand Cosnet, UFR d’histoire, histoire de l’art & archéologie, Université de Nantes

Paper 1702-b

Prayer in Shades of Grey: A Grisaille Book of Hours from the Lyonnais Workshop of Guillaume Lambert (Language: English)

Elliot Adam, Centre André Chastel, Université Paris-Sorbonne – Paris IV

Paper 1702-c

Prester John’s Painters: European Grisaille Illuminations in Late Medieval Manuscripts from the Ethiopian Royal Court (Language: English)

Verena Krebs, Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Paper 1702-d

Case by Case: A Look at Manuscripts that Combine Grisaille and Full Color (Language: English)

Elizabeth Moodey, Department of History of Art, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Published by James Alexander Cameron

I am an art historian working primarily on medieval parish church architecture. I completed my doctorate on sedilia in medieval England in 2015 at The Courtauld Institute of Art.

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