Events: Dante’s Inferno/Underground Medieval London (KCL Arts & Humanities Festival ‘underground’, London, 15-24 October 2014)

Dante’s Inferno/ Underground Medieval London
KCL Arts & Humanities Festival, ‘underground’
London, 15-24 October 2014

The KCL Arts & Humanities Festival, ‘underground’, will be taking place 15-24 October 2014. The following events, sponsored by CLAMS (Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies) may be of particular interest:

Dante’s Inferno: a marathon reading
17th October, 1pm-7pm
This event, which will take place in the college Chapel, will involve the whole of Dante’s Inferno, in Robin Kirkpatrick’s translation, being read over the course of six hours by over 30 volunteers, interspersed with appropriate musical interruptions.

Underground Medieval London: Performance
21st October 10am-12pm, St Etheldreda’s Church, 14 Ely Place, London, EC1N 6RY
The first in a series of events exploring Underground Medieval London: drop-in to the atmospheric crypt of St Etheldreda’s Church in Ely Place to see a site-specific performance from the Irish artist Ceara Conway. Working with a group of PhD students from King’s College London, Ceara has created a performance piece for the thirteenth century crypt underneath St Etheldreda’s Church inspired by the location and the story of St Etheldreda.

Underground Medieval London: Guided Tours
21st October, 12-1pm and 5-6pm, starting at St Etheldreda’s Church, 14 Ely Place, London, EC1N 6RY
Take a journey through underground medieval London on a walking tour through the hidden medieval sights of central London with PhD students from King’s College London as your guides.The tour starts at the beautiful thirteenth century crypt of St Etheldreda’s, where you will hear about the severed hand of St Etheldreda, still kept in this church at the heart of the city of London. You will visit medieval inns, dubious medieval pubs, hidden crypts, and hear the story of the Knights Templar!

Underground Medieval London: Panel Discussion
21st October, 7.30-9pm, Old Committee Room Strand Campus
The Underground Medieval London series will conclude with a panel discussion on creative engagements with the medieval with Ceara Conway, Dr Josh Davies, Kathryn Maude and Jessica Barker.This an opportunity to hear Irish artist and singer Ceara Conway reflect upon her engagement with the medieval past in her work, she will also answer any questions about her specially commissioned performance for St Etheldreda’s crypt. Ceara will speak alongside academics who will discuss their creative responses to their own medieval research on the city, saint’s cults and devotional culture.

For the full programme of the festival and to book tickets, please visit the festival website.

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