Call for participants: Koç University RCAC’s Summer Programs 2014

unnamed1. Being the center of magnificent empires through time, İstanbul is calling you to discover its rich cultural heritage by following the footmarks of saints, sultans and angels in this enriching summer seminar. Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations is excited to invite you to have a taste of İstanbul with its intellectual, in-depth program developed by world renowned Ottoman and Byzantine academicians.

2. Prof. Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Tolga Uyar (University of Paris I), with the contribution of some esteemed faculty members from Koç University, will present Cappadocia through a combination of lectures, seminar discussions, site visits and field trips. A camera, sturdy walking shoes and a taste of exploration are essential!

3. “Introduction to Ottoman Epigraphy” focuses on surveying the development of the Ottoman inscriptions from a chronological standpoint starting with the earliest examples in Anatolia. The program will take place in Istanbul and there will be a field trip to Bursa to study inscriptions of critical historical importance in situ. The program will be leaded by experts in the field from University of Chicago.

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