Medieval Art and Architecture on TV

Currently, there are a number of shows airing on television and available online that feature medieval art and architecture:

  • How to Get Ahead: At Medieval Court: ‘Writer and broadcaster Stephen Smith finds out what it took to get ahead at the court of Richard II, who presided over the first truly sophisticated and artistic court in England.’ Features Paul Binski and Nigel Saul in the credits.
  • The Culture Show Special: Viking Art. On the occasion of the opening of the BM’s blockbuster exhibition on Viking Art, Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the splendours of Viking art which is defined by intricate artistic styles – distinctly Scandinavian yet influenced by interaction with other cultures.


  • The Plantagenets: Professor Robert Bartlett tells the story of England’s longest-ruling royal dynasty. Henry II forges a mighty empire encompassing England and much of France.

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