Conference: Naxos and the Byzantine Aegean

Naxos and the Byzantine Aegean 
Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th April 2014,
The Ursuline School, Naxos Chora 


The Norwegian Institute at Athens in collaboration with the 2nd Ephorate of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine
Antiquities, and the Demos of Naxos and The Small Cyclades wishes to announce the forthcoming conference.

The Norwegian Institute at Athens has carried out field work on Naxos at the 7th century Byzantine urban fortress of Kastro Apalirou in collaboration with The 2nd Ephoria of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Antiquities (EBA) since 2010. The project has recently been widened to include the Universities of Edinburgh and Newcastle. The conference aims to bring together scholars working on Naxos and other Byzantine sites in the Aegean and will focus on Byzantine research on Naxos, though some aspects of Late
Antique settlement will be included. The following research themes will be covered: Archaeology, History, Landscape History, Ecclesiastical History, and Iconographic and Architectural development.


For academic program:
For organisational matters:
For matters concerning arrangements on Naxos:

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