Conference: The Paradigm of Vasari. Reception, Criticism, Perspectives

Giorgio-Vasari-portraitConference: The Paradigm of Vasari. Reception, Criticism, Perspectives
Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence (Max-Planck-Institut)
14-16 February, 2014

Organized by Fabian Jonietz und Alessandro Nova

The ‘Lives’ of Giorgio Vasari, published in 1550 and 1568 respectively, must be acknowledged as an inevitable center of all European art-historiographical discourses of both the early modern period and modernity. As a purposeful continuation, implicit model of reference or counterpoint to new approaches, Vasari serves as paradigm not only to the older art historical writings; the theories, concepts, methods, aims and self-reflections of current studies of art history are also deeply linked to the model of the ‘Lives’. This conference reviews historical modes of the reception of Vasari, but asks likewise what relevance his concepts still hold for today’s interests of art historical studies, and whether the ‘Lives’ might open new perspectives for the future practice of art historiography.Programme PDF.

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