New issue of Speculum is available on Cambridge Journals Online



Volume 89Issue 01 , January 2014, pp 1 – 271 is now accessible at

Featured Articles:

Christian Resurrection and Jewish Immortality during the First Crusade by Shmuel Shepkaru

False Prophets and Ravening Wolves: Biblical Exegesis as a Tool against Heretics in Jacques Fournier’s Postilla on Matthew by Irene Bueno

The Self-Coronation of Peter the Ceremonious (1336): Historical, Liturgical, and Iconographical Representations by Jaume Aurell, Marta Serrano-Coll

Pathos and Pastoralism: Aristotle’s Rhetoric in Medieval England by Rita Copeland

 The Birth of a Maxim: “A Bishop Has No Territory” by Tyler Lange

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