Conference: The Mobility of Antiquities

The Mobility of Antiquities. Cultural Processes and Collecting Practices in Early Modern Italy
London, Warburg Institute, November 15, 2013

wblogoIn the last few years, research on mobility (of ideas, cultural phenomena, people, and art works) has increasingly engaged scholars invarious disciplines. This workshop contributes to these studies by considering the mobility of antiquities in the early modern period from various perspectives, looking at mobility both as the physical process of moving objects and as a richly symbolic act. The papers in this study day will investigate the material context in which antiquities were discovered and the cultural and political processes involved in moving them from excavation sites to new locales. They will also deal with the issue of their ‘virtual’ mobility among collections and collectors by means of prints, drawings and casts.

First Session: 2:30 – 4:00
– Barbara Furlotti, ‘Antiquities Ripen in Wintertime. Excavations and the
Search for Ancient Findings in Sixteenth-Century Rome’
– Kathleen Christian, ‘Translatio and the Movement of Antique Sculpture
in Early Modern Italy’

Second Session: 4:15 – 6:00
Bianca de Divitiis, ‘In Search of Identity: Moving Antiquities in
Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period’
Leah Clark, ‘Exchange and Replication: The Circulation of Antique Gems
and Coins in the Italian Courts’


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