Online Lecture:‘Early Rus’ Jewry: Byzantine Connections, Alexander Kulik, October 14 2020

‘Early Rus’ Jewry: Byzantine Connections, lecture by Alexander Kulik (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), University of Cambridge via Zoom, October 14, 2020, 5:00 pm BST

Join Cambridge Ukrainian Studies and the Byzantine Worlds Seminar for the 5th Annual Medieval and Early Modern Slavonic Studies Lecture at the University of Cambridge. 

The open lecture-webinar on the topic of ‘Early Rus’ Jewry: Byzantine Connections’ will be delivered by Alexander Kulik, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The talk will reassess the evidence on the connections of early East European Jewry with Byzantium. It will focus on new or newly interpreted data which can help to define the origins of pre-Ashkenazi communities in Rus’ and possibly also help to solve some puzzles relating to literary activity in Kyivan Rus’.

Alexander Kulik is Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of German, Russian and East European Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research in diverse fields concentrates on the cross-cultural transmission of texts and ideas. His scholarly interests encompass Slavic studies (palaeoslavica, medieval and modern Judeo-Slavica, and broader aspects of Russian and East European cultural history) and Jewish studies (Jewish literature and thought of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, early history of East European Jewry). 

Advance registration required. Register your interest via the link below!

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