Call for Papers: The Regional and Transregional in Romanesque Art and Architecture, Poitiers, 4-6 APRIL 2018

poitiersThe British Archaeological Association will hold the fifth in its series of biennial International Romanesque conferences in association with the Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale in Poitiers on 4-6 April, 2018.

The theme is The Regional and Transregional in Romanesque Art and Architecture, and the aim is to examine the extent to which regional styles and preferences were important in the material culture of the 11th and 12th centuries. The categorization of Romanesque by region was a cornerstone of 20th-century scholarship, and the subject is ripe for reappraisal, particularly in relation to transregional and pan-European artistic styles and approaches. How might we describe the cultural geography of the Latin West between c.1000 and c.1200? Proposals for papers concerned with the strength, durability, mutability and geographical scope of regional styles are welcome, as are those that review how, if at all, artistic ‘regions’ are aligned with political regions or initiatives. The extent to which media play a role will also be considered. Does portability make a difference – enhancing the potential for artistic exchange? What are the conditions that give rise to the development of transregional styles? Is identification by ‘gens’ rather than locality significant, particularly in areas where political change is effected through conquest? Are regional styles ever extinguished, and if so how and why? Is it appropriate to talk of centres and peripheries? Are materials – marble, brick, bronze – the dissemination and celebration of saints (particularly episcopal saints) – the emergence of civic patronage – the adoption of myths or legends – the assumption of imported motifs – important in affirming regional identity? How effective are the agencies that cut across territorial boundaries?

Proposals for papers of up to 30 minutes in length should be sent to the convenors, John McNeill and Marcello Angheben, on by 31 May, 2017. Papers should be in English. Decisions on acceptance will be made by 15 June.

The Conference will be held with the CESCM in the historic centre of Poitiers from 4-6 April, with the opportunity to stay on for two days of visits to buildings in the Poitou on 7-8 April.

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