CFP: Loci Sepulcralis. Pantheons and other places of memory and burial in the Middle Ages [21-23 September, 2017]

2017-02-07This International conference will be devoted to Medieval Pantheons. The main aim is to promote a broad and innovative debate on the concept of “pantheon” throughout the Middle Ages, as well as their underlying intentions. It is also intended to address the specificity of themes that are intertwined with the construction, ornamentation and everyday uses of these spaces by the communities that host them.

For that purpose we will count on the participation of national and international specialists on the field, who will present the most innovative results of their research projects, as well as with the input of the more junior researchers which will bring into the discussion the results of their respective researches, thus promoting an intense debate during the 3-day conference.

The conference will be held in Batalha Monastery, 21-23 september 2017, as a joint organization of the IEM, Mosteiro da Batalha and the Municipality of Batalha. It is intended not only for researchers, but also for students of higher education, tourism professionals and the general public.

Proposals must be submitted until 15 April to

More information and the CFP full text, here: EN

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