Westminster Hall

Scholars & Fellows

 by Elgan Jones

We were kindly invited to join Patrick Duerden, Aliza Ross and Henry Sanders (SPAB Scholar 2012) of Donald Insall Associates on their site inspection of Westminster Hall. It is such a rare opportunity to view and inspect the fantastic 14th century roof timbers up close, which at the time boasted the widest span of any timber truss in Europe. We were also joined by carpenter and timber framer Tom Massey (SPAB Fellow 2014), his father Peter Massey, and structural engineer Robert Bowles.

After a quick frisk through the airport-style security, we stepped into the main hall and gazed in awe at the vast, clear space. Not a single column obstructed our view.


photo 3

Donald Insall Associates were overseeing the cleaning, conservation and repairs of the interior masonry walls, which date from the 14th to the early 20th centuries, and roof timbers. Patrick explained some of the logistical…

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