Workshops: Purbeck stone letter-carving course


W. J. Haysom & Son and Lander’s Quarries Ltd is hosting a stone letter-carving course in June, which will be run this year by Andrew Whittle.  This will be an opportunity for students to work Purbeck stone in a quarry environment under the tutelage of a prestigious carver.

Andrew Whittle has an international reputation built up over the course of his career, which has encompassed many major public and private commissions. Andrew works in stone, wood and metal always designing an alphabet specific to the material and situation.  He has an extensive knowledge of the history of lettering, which is central to his teaching as well as his design practise.

Andrew will be demonstrating techniques and discussing ideal forms for cutting in stone.  He will also be talking about the history of lettering in order to give students a firm footing for their own design work. Each student will be given a tablet of stone and required to set themselves a small project in preparation for the course.  Andrew will be happy provide support and receive preparatory drawings ahead of the course to enable each student to be in a position to commence carving on the first day.

To request an application form please call Corinne on

or e-mail

01929 439205

See attached flyer: Letter Carving in a Purbeck Quarry June 2014

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