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Late Romanesque Sculpture in European Cathedrals: Stages, Narratives and Materiality (18-20 Nov 2015, Tarragona)

Girona 3The TEMPLA research group has convened a conference to discuss the usefulness of traditional stylistic terminology, and consider the questions posed by the categorisation of medieval European artistic production, specifically as this affects our understanding of work from the second half of the 12th century. Nowadays it is still difficult to grasp with any subtlety how late Romanesque sculpture was used across Latin Europe, and how it interacted with other media and other styles. Our purpose is to analyse the role of sculpture as both programme and scenery – foreground and background – specifically with regard to the solutions adopted in cathedrals.

Cambra de Comer• (Av. Pau Casals, 17, 43003 Tarragona)

Price (attendance to the sessions and cafe-break): standard €50
students and unemployed €30
(conference proceedings included)

For more information on joining email dir.irh@udg.edu, stating the name of the conference.

Wednesday: 18 November

09h00-09h05. Reception and opening

09h05-09h45 Opening lecture: Xavier Barral i Altet (Universtà Ca Foscari – Venezia)

Què és l’anomenada escultura romànica tardana?

Session I: Late Romanesque sculpture in the cathedrals of Europe I

Chair: Emma Liaño Martínez (Universitat Rovira I Virgili)

09h45-10h30. Marcello Angheben (CESCM – Université dePoitiers)

Programas iconográficos y experiencias plásticas en Avallon y Chartres en las décadas centrales del siglo XII

10h30-11h00. Discussion

11h00-11h30. Cafe-Break

11h30-12h15. Quitterie Cazes (Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès):

La escultura monumental en las catedrales y su entorno en el país tolosano alrededor de 1200

12h15-13h00. Free papers

13h00-13h.30. Discussion

13:45-15:45. Lunch

Session II: Late Romanesque sculpture in the cathedrals of Europe II

Chair: Jaime Nuño González (Fundación Santa María La Real para el Patrimonio Histórico – Centro de Estudios del Románico. Aguilar de Campoo)

15h45-16h30. Claudia Rückert (Adolph Goldschmidt Zentrum, Humboldt Universität Berlin)

Alrededor de 1200. La escultura monumental en Alemania. Viejas y nuevas concepciones

16h30-17h15. Elisabetta Scirocco (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz-Biblioteca Herziana di Roma)

La scultura nello spazio liturgico in Italia meridionale, XI-XIII secc.

17h15-18h00. John McNeill (University of Oxford Continuing Education)

Late Romanesque Sculpture in English Cathedrals: How far can the evidence take us?

18h00-18h30. Discussion

18h30. Visit to Santa Maria del Miracle


Session III. The Cathedral of Tarragona: visit to the church and cloister

09.30-13.30 Emma Liaño (Universitat Rovira i Virgili), Antonio Martínez Subías (Arxiepiscopat de Tarragona), Marta Serrano (URV-TEMPLA), Gerardo Boto

13.45-15.45 Lunch


Session IV: Sculptural Programs in the Cathedrals of the Iberian Kingdoms I

Chair: Marc Sureda i Jubany (Museu Episcopal de Vic)

15h45-16h30. Marta Poza Yagüe (Universidad Complutense deMadrid)

La recepción de esquemas borgoñones a finales del siglo XII, ¿canto del cisne de la escultura románica en Castilla?

16h30-17h15. José Carlos Valle Pérez (Museo de Pontevedra).

La escultura tardorrománica en las catedrales de Orense y Lugo

17h15-17h45. Discussion

17h45-18h15. Cafe-Break

18h15-19h00. Francisco Prado-Vilar (Real Colegio Complutense – Harvard University)

‘Aula siderea’: el esplendor de la Catedral de Santiago en los albores del siglo XIII / ‘Aula siderea’: The Splendor of the Cathedral of Santiago at the Dawn of the 13th Century

19h00-19h20. Free papers

19h20-19h45. Discussion

20 NOV. 2015

Session V: Sculptural Programs in the Cathedrals of the Iberian Kingdoms II

Chair: Javier Martínez de Aguirre (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

09h00-09h45. José Luis Hernando Garrido (UNED Zamora- TEMPLA) – Antonio Ledesma (Universidad de Salamanca).

‘De la Eglesia de Sancta María de la Sey de Salamanca’¿Prolongación o final de la escultura tardorrománica en los viejos reinos de León y de Castilla?

09h45-10h30. Free papers

10h30-10h00. Discussion

11h00-11h30. Cafe-Break

11h30-12h15. César García de Castro Valdés (Museo Arqueológico de Asturias-TEMPLA).

La renovación escultórica de la Cámara Santa de la catedral de Oviedo en el contexto del tardorrománico del occidente peninsular

12h15-13h00. Esther Lozano López (UNED Tarragona-TEMPLA)

Imágenes que transforman espacios en las catedrales del Ebro: montaje y puesta en escena

13h00-13h30. Discussion

13h30. End of conference. Summary of contributions and conclusion.

Optional visit: 16h30. La presència romana a la Tarragona medieval (guided visit directed by Joan Menchón).


Student scholarships for British Archaeological Association 2015 conference (deadline 23 April 2015)

Peterborough_Cathedral_-_West_prospect_C17_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_13618[1]The British Archaeological Association 2015  Conference  will  explore  the  art,  architecture  and  archaeology  of  Peterborough Cathedral  and  the  Soke  of  Peterborough.  A  full  programme  of  lectures  and  visits  has  been arranged,  covering  the  city  and  Soke  from  Roman  times  and  specific  aspects  of  the  Cathedral and  precincts  including  the  Great  Gate,  the  Bishop’s  Palace,  the  lost  High  Altar  Screen,  the Trinity  Chapel  and  the  West  Front.  Speakers  include  Ron  Baxter,  Alexandrina  Buchanan, Rosemary  Cramp,  Paul  Everson,  Peter  Fergusson,  Eric  Fernie,  Richard  Gem,  John  Goodall, Jackie  Hall,  Richard  Halsey,  Stuart  Harrison,  Sandy  Heslop,  Edward  Impey,  Julian  Luxford, Harriet  Mahood,  Claudia  Marx,  Cathy  Oakes,  Charles  O’Brien,  Lisa  Reilly,  David  Stocker,  Tim Tatton-­Brown,  Stephen  Upex,  Jeffrey  West,  and  Francis  Woodman.
There  will  be  site  visits  to  many  parts  of  the  Cathedral,  including  the  West  Front,  Galleries, Cloister,  Infirmary,  Refectory,  Abbot’s  Gateway  and  Almoners’  Hall.  The  tour  of  the  Soke  will embrace  Thorpe  Hall,  Longthorpe  Tower,  the  churches  of  Castor,  Barnack,  Northborough  and Peakirk,  and  will  conclude  at  Wothorpe  Towers.

Applications  are  invited  for  student  scholarships.  The  conference  will  run  from  lunchtime  on Friday  10th  July  to  lunchtime  on  Tuesday  14th  July,  2015.  Scholarships  will  only  be  awarded  to those  who  can  attend  the  conference  in  its  entirety.  The  scholarship  will  cover  the  lectures and site  visits,  accommodation  for  four  nights,  three  dinners  and  refreshments  throughout.
Applicants  should  email  Andrew  Budge  (andrew.budge[at]sky.com)  enclosing  a  brief  CV,  at  least one  academic  reference  and  a  brief  statement  on  the  reasons  for  wanting  to  attend  the conference.  The  deadline  for  applications  is  Friday  10th  April.  Applicants  will  be  notified  by 23rd  April.  Please  note  that  it  is  the  responsibility  of  the  applicant  to  send  the  academic reference  with  the  application;  the  BAA  will  not  chase  references.

Scholarships  will  be  allocated  by  the  conference  convenors  and  are  usually  given  to  those studying  medieval  art,  architecture  or  archaeology  at  postgraduate  level.  The  scholarships are funded  by  the  generosity  of  BAA  members  and  the  number  awarded  varies  according to  the funds  available.  Successful  applicants  are  expected  to  join  the  BAA  if  not  already members.