New Journal Publication: Gesta, Volume 59, Number 2 | Fall 2020

The latest issue of Gesta is now available to view online, edited by Diane J. Reilly and Susan L. Boynton. The journal is sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art

Articles include:

Kathryn A. Smith, Found in Translation: Images Visionary and Visceral in the Welles-Ros Bible
Jonathan Andrew Turnock, The Earls of Hereford and Their Retinue: A Network of Architectural and Sculptural Patronage in Twelfth-Century England, ca. 1130–55
James Hillson, Villard de Honnecourt and Bar Tracery: Reims Cathedral and Processes of Stylistic Transmission, ca. 1210–40
Richard Gameson, Catherine Nicholson, and  Andrew Beeby, The Admiral, the Virgin, and the Spectrometer: Observations on the Coëtivy Hours (Dublin, Chester Beatty Library, MS W082)

To view the new edition of Gesta, please click here.

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