Job: Collaborator, INHA, Paris

Paris, France, September 01, 2018
Application deadline: Jul 15, 2018

The Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA) is a French public institution of scientific, cultural and professional character constituted in the form of a “grand établissement” (cf Article L. 717-1 of Code de l’Éducation and governed by the French Decree No. 2001-621 of 12 July 2001). Its missions are “to develop scientific activity and contribute to international scientific cooperation in the field of history of art and heritage.” The INHA promotes research and the dissemination of knowledge, and brings together researchers, museum curators, and librarians, in conjunction with all kind of institutions dedicated to the discipline in France and throughout the world.

The INHA is composed of two main departments, the Department of Studies and Research, the Department of Library and Documentation, as well as other administrative departments. The Institute has approximately 200 staff members, of which 50 are employed in the Department of Studies and Research (DER). The Institute is under the authority of a General Director, assisted by an administrative Director, and other the supervision of a Supervisory Board and a Scientific Board.

The INHA conducts major research programs, produces resources for the international research community, and promotes basic research for specialized communities and the wider public. Although the INHA does not offer a graduation program, the role of academic training is central. The institution hosts art history students and young researchers (Master to Post-doc) for both short and long term residencies, and invites them to participate in several research programs and a large number of academic events. Resources produced by these programs reach from databases to exhibitions, print or digital publications. The development of the digital humanities and the new definition of the publication strategy are also at the heart of the DER’s missions

The DER is composed of eight major areas of research covering the periods from Antiquity to contemporary art, as well as thematic approaches (History and Theory of Art and Heritage History; Global Art History; History of Collections, Artistic and Cultural Institutions, the Economy of Art; History of Artistic Disciplines and Techniques). Each domain hosts a team of academic advisors (professors, researchers, curators, and teachers), students (Master or PhD) and researchers (post-doc, curators or project managers, as well as visiting researchers, national and international grant recipients). About 20 collaborative programs and activities are carried out within the eight major areas of research, in partnership with national and international institutions, and through both public and private funding.

Job Profile

Under the responsibility of and in close collaboration with the Director of the Department of Studies and Research (DER), the DER Deputy Director is in charge of developing the research policy of the INHA and contributing to its promotion.

In this capacity, he / she co-supervises, with the director of the DER, a dedicated administrative team and team of researchers with whom he/she coordinates the institute’s scientific activity. He / she thus ensures the successful realization and the promotion of the research programs, coordinates the activities of the eight research areas, and contributes to the development and strengthening of relations with the institution’s national and international scientific community. He / she implements the directives of the director of the Department.

He / she actively contributes to the documentary policy of the INHA by ensuring close collaboration between the two departments (DER and Department of Library and Documentation). In addition, he / she will coordinate the actions carried out in the field of digital humanities through the production of documentary resources and the development of new tools and national and international cooperation.

Lastly, he / she is expected to participate in the academic life of the institution, supervising the programming of symposia, conferences and seminars organized by INHA, and initiating personal or collective research. He / she participates in the implementation of the publishing and event policy of the INHA.

Interpersonal skills, strong sense of public service and enthusiasm for working in a team are essential for this position, as well as a profound dedication to the history of art. Knowledge of the national and international academic landscape and management experience are preferred. Fluency in French and English is required and other languages are desirable.

The position is vacant from 1 September 2018. The starting date will be determined according to the professional situation of the selected candidate.

The position is open to French-speaking art and heritage historians of international scientific renown, for a period of two or three years (renewable). Foreign applicants are eligible.

Applicants should provide a resume and a cover letter specifying his / her academic experience and explaining the specific interest for the activities of the INHA and his / her motivations for applying. Applications should be sent to the Director of the INHA (2, rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France) before July 15, 2018 and to the electronic address of the DER ( A copy of the application should also be sent electronically to the INHA general manager of services (, who can be contacted for any additional administrative information related to this position.

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