Deadline: Jun 14, 2018

The Malta Historical Society Publication Awards 2018
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In keeping with the aims and objectives of the Malta Historical Society, namely the study of the history of Malta, the diffusion of its knowledge, and the safeguarding of Maltese historical heritage, the Society will be presenting an award to recognize those publications that have made a distinct contribution to Maltese historical studies. Furthermore, in order to encourage new entrants in the field of historical research, the Society will present an award to recognize first-time publications, which have made a contribution to the field.

The Society will award the following:
– Best paper on Maltese history, which award will be known as the ‘MHS Award for Published Historical Research 2018’.
– Best paper on Maltese history by a first-time / recently published author, which award will be known as the ‘MHS Award for Published Historical Research by Emerging Authors 2018’.

Composition of the judging panel

There will be three judges per category, one of which should be a member of the MHS Committee, who will act in the capacity of chairperson of the panel. Judges must be nominated and approved by the MHS Committee by end-May 2018. A judge may sit on one or more panels. Editors and reviewers may sit on a panel on condition that they withdraw should a text which they have edited or reviewed is nominated for an award under a category they have to judge.

Qualifications & Rules
(1) Submissions: Three copies of the paper (as published) need to be sent to:

The Secretary,
Malta Historical Society,
41, Triq l-Iljun,
Floriana FRN 1531

in an envelope clearly marked ‘MHS Publication Awards’, with the respective category written at the top-left of the envelope. An individual may submit his/her own work; editors may submit papers published in journals which they edit. The respective panel will open the envelopes in the presence of the MHS Secretary and a note will be taken for each application. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the nominator/s.

Alternatively, authors and/or editors may submit a digital pdf version of the paper as published to the Chairs of both committees, and

(2) Papers must have appeared in peer-reviewed journals or journals published by reputable societies. This does not include essays published in edited books, anthologies or conference proceedings.

(3) Publications on all areas of Maltese history are invited for nomination, including but not limited to political history, biographical works, economic history, social history, archaeology, military history, medical history, legal history, historical- anthropological studies, linguistics, history of art, history of architecture, historiography, and so on.

(4) Judges and committee members of the Society are not entitled to nominate any texts authored by themselves or by others. Nominations for publications by the panel judges will not be accepted.

(5) All nominated papers must have been published between January 2016 and December 2017, in Maltese, English, Italian or French. However, articles in other languages will be considered if accompanied by a certified translation, to be sent in with the nominated essay. Note: On request by nominees, a time extension may be granted for the provision of a certified translation.

(6) Nominated papers must be received by 14th June 2018.  Digital versions in pdf format are to be followed by the above-mentioned three copies by postal mail by 30th June 2018. Papers by at least three authors in either category must be nominated for the respective competition to be held.

(7) The judges’ decisions are final and communicated to the MHS Committee by 1st September 2018. The results will be announced by the MHS Committee by a circular to all stakeholders and members by 30th September 2018.

(8) The winning authors will receive:

•    an honorary citation certificate,
•    a review in Melita Historica,
•    one-year complimentary MHS membership and
•    a prize of €1,000 for the recipient of the MHS Award for Published Historical Research 2018 or €500 for the recipient of the MHS Award for Published Historical Research by Emerging Authors 2018.

The presentation of awards will be held during an event to which all prize winners will be invited.

The Committee – The Malta Historical Society

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