Job: Research Associate: Impact of the Ancient City ERC Project (Urban Ideals in the Islamic World), University of Cambridge

Job: Research Associate: Impact of the Ancient City ERC Project (Urban Ideals in the Islamic World)

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Classics

Limit of Tenure: 4 years from 01 January 2017 (or as soon as possible thereafter)

Applications are sought for a Research Associate who will be one of four postdoctoral researchers on the ERC funded ‘Impact of the Ancient City’ project led by the Principal Investigator Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill. The project will re-examine the impact of the ancient, Greco-Roman city on subsequent urban history in Europe and the Islamic world, investigating both the urban fabric and urban ideals. Bringing together researchers trained in historical, archaeological and literary analysis, the project spans the entire Mediterranean region from Greco-Roman antiquity to the present day. The research team will investigate case histories in the western and the eastern Mediterranean, and pose a set of questions about how urban forms responded to changing social needs. A full description of the project is available.

The role of the Islamic World Research Associate is to re-examine perceptions of the ancient, Greco-Roman city in the Islamic world. The successful candidate will assemble and study examples of literary engagement with the physical traces of the Greco-Roman city, but will also consider the ways in which the inhabitants of the ‘Islamic city’ reconfigured this past. The Research Associate’s task will be to focus on how the Islamic urban imaginary grew in part from the Byzantine, and how awareness of the Greco-Roman city was mediated by its Christian successor, nourished by accumulated re-readings of inherited urban spaces and buildings.

The successful candidate is expected to work as part of a team based in Cambridge, discussing findings and problems with the other members of the project team. The successful candidate will be expected to spend up to three months in each of the first three years of research on fieldwork visits for the case studies, as well as taking part in regular meetings and seminars in Cambridge, and the three annual conferences. They will publish the results of their research within the publication programme of the project.

Closing date: Noon Monday 12th September 2016

Planned interview date: mid October 2016

Vacancy Reference: GE09653

For information on how to apply, see:

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