CFP: The Politics of Visual Translations of Jerusalem (University of York, 20-21 March 2015)

Call for Papers:
The Politics of Visual Translations of Jerusalem
University of York, 20-21 March 2015
Deadline: 10 October 2014

An international conference hosted by the Department of History of Art and the Humanities Research Centre at the University of York. Organised by Laura Slater and Hanna Vorholt.

Access to and sovereignty over the holy places of Jerusalem is a frequent source of political tension amongst the three Abrahamic faiths, while further discord has developed over the religious and secular identities of the city. There is no question that contemporary visualisations of Jerusalem are concerned with the political status and symbolism of Jerusalem as a divided city, disputed state capital and key issue for the peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, despite acknowledgement of the deep historical roots of contemporary political conflicts in the Middle East, the political significance of earlier visual translations of Jerusalem has often escaped scholarly attention.

AA364455: Manuscripts
This conference aims to address this important issue. It seeks to look across different historical periods, geographical boundaries and religious traditions to bring out the range of political ideas and agendas which underpin architectural translations, visual representations and physical relics of Jerusalem in Europe and beyond. Considering the ways in which Jerusalem and its holy places were imagined, visually represented, and replicated across the medieval, early modern and modern periods, the conference will ask:

What political interests or regimes have become invested in the recreation of Jerusalem? How have local or wider political events impacted on Jerusalem translations and their histories, for example with regard to iconoclasm and politically motivated acts of vandalism and destruction? As such, the conference will examine political dimensions in the construction, use, appropriation, and reception history of visual translations of Jerusalem, seeking to establish a
productive scholarly dialogue between place, period and political agenda.

Keynote lectures will be given by Achim Timmermann (University of Michigan) and Antony Eastmond (Courtauld Institute).

For further information see:

Papers are invited from researchers in the fields of history of art and architecture, politics, history, literature, religion, archaeology, and other relevant disciplines.

Areas of particular interest include:
– Jerusalem recreations and the definition of nations, states, empires,
cities and peoples
– Political regimes: the recreation of Jerusalem at centres of power
and within political territories? the
importance of Jerusalem for the self or public image of rulers
– Current events: the role of visual translations of Jerusalem in
political debates, polemics, propaganda, and political movements?
Jerusalem sites as places of political resistance or rebellion
– The politics of performance, exhibition and consumption
– The use or reuse of Jerusalem sites as memorials
– The politics of loss: destruction or neglect of Jerusalem translations

Please send an abstract of up to 300 words to Laura Slater
( Deadline for submission of proposals is 10 October 2014. Limited funding is available to help cover external speakers’ travel and accommodation expenses. Please let us know in your email if you require funding. The conference is organized in the context of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/20072013)/ ERC grant agreement no.249466.

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