Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg PhD scholarships

Abb1_xs[1]The Graduate School of the “Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures” (CSMC) / Integriertes
Graduiertenkolleg im Sonderforschungsbereich 950 “Manuskriptkulturen in Asien, Afrika und
Europa” at the University of Hamburg invites applications for
2 Ph.D. scholarships (Graduate School Scholarship Programme of the Deutscher Akademischer
Austauschdienst – DAAD)

The scholarships which are directly awarded to Ph.D. students by DAAD (starting April 1st 2015)
will include the following benefits and payments:
– scholarship aid granted by DAAD for a period of up to three years, or even of up to four
years in case of Ph.D. students from developing or threshold countries (the grant will
initially be awarded for one year; an extension of the grant period will depend on the
progress of the thesis)
– scholarship amount of EUR 1,000 per month
– travel allowance depending on region
– combined health, accident and third-party liability insurance
– student and research allowance
– rent or family allowance, if applicable
– funding for a language course.

The CSMC is a unique research centre for the historical and comparative study of manuscript
cultures in Asia, Africa, and Europe building on decades of manuscript studies at the University
of Hamburg. It was established with a generous grant from the German Research Association
(DFG) in order to develop a comprehensive approach to manuscript cultures including
disciplines such as philology, palaeography, codicology, art history, and material analysis. Ph.D.
(Dr. phil.) theses must be written in English or German.

Further information can be found on the Centre’s website: http://www.manuscriptcultures.
uni-hamburg.de/index_e.html. We are looking for highly qualified and highly
motivated Ph.D. students with an M.A. or equivalent degree in all disciplines studying
manuscript cultures regardless of region. Applicants who have already stayed in Germany for
more than fifteen month at the time of nomination for awards and applicants who have
completed their last final exam more than six years before the application cannot be
considered for DAAD scholarship. Applications must include:
– a research proposal compatible with the programme of the Centre’s objectives
– a full CV
– the DAAD-form “Application for Research Grants and Study Scholarships”
– letters of recommendation by two university professors from the applicant’s home
university issued during the last two years using the relevant DAAD form
(http://www.daad.de/imperia/md/content/de/foerderung/recommendation.pdf) or at
least meet the criteria stated on the form.
– a cover letter which certifies that the applicant meets all necessary requirements for
the scholarship programme and is aware of the scientific profile of the Graduate School
of the “Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures”
– copies of the school leaving certificate allowing university entrance in the applicant’s
home country
– copies of all university certificates concerning any annual examinations of the degree or
graduation certificate including the final marks and an explanation of the grading
– proof of English language skills and/or German language skills
– proof of successfully completed internships , if applicable
– a list of publications, if applicable
– if you have planned a field study, you need to make a reference to that at the time of
the application

Applications with all documents in one pdf-file must be sent by email to the Director of the
Graduate School no later than June 30th 2014: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Huck eMail:


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