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Al Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean, Vol.26 No.1 (2014)

From Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean to Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Christie, N., Cosmopolitanism in Medieval Alexandria: Introduction
PG: 3-4(2)

Frenkel, M., Medieval Alexandria Life in a Port City
PG: 5-35(31)

Walker, P. E., Fatimid Alexandria as an Entrepot in the EastWest Exchange of Islamic Scholarship
PG: 36-48(13)

Christie, N., Cosmopolitan Trade Centre or Bone of Contention? Alexandria and the Crusades, 487857/10951453
PG: 49-61(13)

Christ, G., The Venetian Consul and the Cosmopolitan Mercantile Community of Alexandria at the Beginning of the Ninth/Fifteenth Century
PG: 62-77(16)

Frenkel, Y., Alexandria in the Ninth/Fifteenth Century: A Mediterranean Port City and a Mamluk Prison City
PG: 78-92(15)

Davis-Secord, S., The Development of Islamic Law and Society in the Maghrib: Qais, Muftis and Family Law
PG: 93-94(2)

Druel, J.N., Grammaticalization of Arabic Prepositions and Subordinators
PG: 95-96(2)

Druel, J.N., The Ecology of Arabic
PG: 96-98(3)

Druel, J.N., Arabic Dialectology: In Honour of Clive Holes on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday
PG: 98-99(2)

al-Faruque, M., Ismaili and Fatimid Studies in Honor of Paul E. Walker
PG: 100-101(2)

Gardner, V., Muammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men: The Makings of the Last Prophet
PG: 102-104(3)

Heath, C., Roger II and the Creation of the Kingdom of Sicily
PG: 104-105(2)

Panagopoulos, S.P., Diplomatics in the Eastern Mediterranean 10001500: Aspects of Cross-Cultural Communication
PG: 106-108(3)

Simmermacher, D., Die Rezeption der aristotelischen politischen Philosophie bei Marsilius von Padua. Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis
PG: 108-110(3)

Tasbihi, E., Prophetic Niche in the Virtuous City: The Concept of ikmah in Early Islamic Thought
PG: 111-113(3)

Wood, J., An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology

Malczycki, W.M., In the Shadow of Arabic: The Centrality of Language to Arabic Culture. Studies Presented to Ramzi Baalbaki on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday
PG: 115-117(3)

Morton, N., Europe and the Islamic World: A History
PG: 117-118(2)

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