Job: Five-College Postdoctoral Fellowship in Islamic Art, 2014-2016

Islamic-Art-wallpaperSmith College and Hampshire College invite applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Islamic Art and Architecture starting July 1, 2014. This Mellon-funded position supports exceptionally promising young scholars for two years of half-time teaching (one course each semester) and half-time research. Over two years, the Fellow will teach four courses, two at Smith College (the home campus for the position) and two at Hampshire College. We seek candidates with any sub-specialization who are also able to teach a broad survey of Islamic art and architecture, as well as courses that incorporate interdisciplinary approaches. This postdoctoral fellowship is a full-time, salaried appointment providing excellent benefits and research support. A candidate must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. by September 2014.

The Fellow will fully participate in one of the nation’s most vibrant academic collaborations, as Smith and Hampshire participate with Amherst and Mount Holyoke Colleges and the University of Massachusetts in the Five-College Consortium ( Smith College is a women’s liberal arts college with 2,500 undergraduate students and 285 faculty, while Hampshire College is an undergraduate liberal arts college for men and women with 1,500 students and 95 full-time faculty.

The Fellow will be provided with research and teaching mentors at Smith and Hampshire Colleges and will have access to support from colleagues and library and research facilities at all five campuses, each located within 20 minutes of the others. The program is designed to provide Fellows with valuable teaching experience and time to complete and publish their research prior to seeking tenure-track positions. Fellows are encouraged to pursue their independent research programs vigorously and in association with a wide-ranging group of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African studies scholars who collaborate to organize faculty seminars and international symposia across the five campuses.

For more information and to apply please go to the website.


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