BAA: Ochs Scholarship 2014


The Ochs Scholarship was established in 1994 from a bequest by Maud Lillian Ochs, and is awarded annually for research projects which fall within the Association’s fields of interest. These are defined as the study of archaeology, art and architecture from the Roman period until the nineteenth century, principally within Europe.

Applications are invited from students who are completing theses for post-graduate degrees and who have access to no other sources of funding. It must be demonstrated that the award of an Ochs Scholarship will enable a thesis to be completed satisfactorily within the period of the Scholarship. Applications where a substantial amount of fieldwork remains to be done are unlikely to succeed. A scholarship is awarded for one year only and is not renewable. It can be taken at any point between May and October, 2014 – so theses or dissertations with planned submission dates of October, 2015 or earlier are admissible.

Applications are also invited from scholars unattached to universities. Their personal circumstances should be such as to prevent the completion of their research unless supported by a scholarship of this kind. Applications simply for publishing costs, or for the writing up and publication of existing research which has been funded by another body may also be considered, but only in the event of their being few claims on funds from scholars applying to complete research work. Applications of this kind must also demonstrate that no other body could reasonably be expected to finance writing up. Projects should be capable of completion within the period of the scholarship which, in this category, may be less than one year.

Deadline for applications is 1 February, 2014. For further information visit the website.


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