Postdoctoral Fellowships 2014/2015: Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices

3eaacccc25The Berlin-based FORUM TRANSREGIONALE STUDIEN invites scholars to apply for up to ten postdoctoral fellowships within the framework of the research program ART HISTORIES AND AESTHETIC PRACTICES for the academic year 2014/2015. The complete application should be submitted latest by 25 January 2014.

ART HISTORIES AND AESTHETIC PRACTICES is designed to open up the disciplinary boundaries of art history to a transcultural, global horizon. By creating a space of dialogue for scholars from all continents and regions, it aims to discuss the potentials and contours of a plural art history. It especially invites scholars from African, Asian, European, Islamic and Latin American art histories to join the program but also addresses neighbouring disciplines such as archaeology and other fields dealing with the history of visual cultures. ART HISTORIES AND AESTHETIC PRACTICES analyses the connectivity of larger historical spaces in a transregional perspective and investigates artistic production, aesthetic practices and the history of artifacts in a comparative approach, experimenting with new methodologies and forms of collaborative research. The concept of AESTHETIC PRACTICES introduced by this program, invites to study artifacts with their biographies as well as processes of transfer and transformation in a transcultural and “postglobal” perspective. The program has no chronological or geographical constraints. It collaborates with the museums of Berlin, the Berlin universities, as well as other universities, and aims at an intense interaction of art historical institutions. Its scholarly environment is designed to enable and encourage both fellows and the wider community to explore transregional approaches to the history of visual cultures and aesthetic practices.

For more detailed information about the program please visit the website.


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