Postdoctoral Fellowship: Durham International Junior Research Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Durham International Junior Research Fellowships

imgresDurham University’s Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) scheme is designed to attract the most talented researchers in Europe and beyond, and build international networks of scholars with a common passion for the deepest theoretical questions and most pressing practical problems facing humanity.

The JRF scheme is aimed at researchers with significant post-doctoral experience, but recent doctorands of exceptional ability and researchers who have followed non-traditional academic career paths (such as in public corporations, NGOs or industry) are also encouraged to apply. JRFs will pursue new research ideas of their own design, undertaken in collaboration with academic researchers at Durham University.

Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse spectrum of opportunities offered by the Institutes at Durham, which span the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities (and include the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, IMEMS).

– In order that the JRFs can complete a significant piece of original research during the Fellowship, the normal period of the Fellowship is 12 – 15 months. The EU – Durham University contract expires on 30th September 2015 thereby limiting the maximum Fellowship length that we can currently advertise. We have formally applied to the EU for a extension to the DIFeREns project until 30 September 2016 to extend Fellowships to that date (to a total of 24 – 27 months) if Fellows so desire. It is our intention that we have the extension granted by time of appointment. Should the project extension not be granted Fellowships must be completed by 30 September 2015 and should the extension not be granted by the date of appointment, contracts will be given for the normal 12-15 month period in the first instance.
– There are no nationality restrictions, but the award of a Fellowship will be conditional on a visa and work permit being secured, if required, from the UK Border Agency.
– A member of the Durham academic staff will act as host and Mentor for each Fellow. Before applying, applicants MUST seek the agreement of a Durham academic to act as their host.

For further details about this scheme and how to apply consult the website: here.

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